Paris opened a women’s hat shop child

Paris opened a women’s hat shop child (millinery shop), where the extraordinary sewing skills, sew a simple and engaging another top style hat in 1914, Coco opened two boutiques, a far-reaching impact on future generations of fashion brands declared the official birth of Chanel

Brand Culture
1, the world’s most recognized brands: double C has become a pride of the fashion world, it is the woman on this planet most like to have brand! Forever Chanel double C’s classic LOGO will always sweeping fashion, and never absent. Women’s fashion, women’s Chanel spirit, so colorful world 2, “simple” is the best way to make a better presentation texture: She left the classic design includes: NO.5 perfume, tweed, two-tone shoes, little black dress Wait. Classic accessories that stand out empty hands to a woman wearing leather handbag with chain, her beloved camellias are still blooming in the relief pattern in satin dinner

3, challenge the traditional, secular liberation tradition to sing a different tune: Chanel offers a liberating sense of freedom and choice, will change costume design trends from a male perspective into the performance-based independent female beauty arena. Abandon tight waist, whale bone hoop skirt, promote shoulder-style bag with fabric suits, Coco Chanel single-handedly dominated the first half of the twentieth century woman of style, attitude and lifestyle, a simple and comfortable luxury new philosophy.

1, the demographic environment, including environmental analysis of population age structure of population growth, education, population geography migration and other factors. With urbanization and a higher level of consumer education, will help improve people’s sense of identity and the purchase of luxury goods tend to provide consumers with a consumer platform, but also to the general public more aware of Chanel. 2. Analysis of the economic environment: economic factors are mainly determined by the income status of the population, savings and credit and other factors. According to the latest data show that in 2010 China’s luxury goods more than 12 billion US dollars, surpass the United States as the second largest consumer of luxury goods. From the long-term trend, the improvement and increase in per capita GDP of China’s economic situation sales of Chanel has a considerable positive effect

3. Political Environment Analysis: Marketing received political and legal environment factors and constraints to a large extent. Because of China’s trade surplus continued to increase in recent years, in order to balance trade exports, implemented a number of policies to promote imports. As simplify import procedures, encouraging luxury imports, and therefore seen China’s political environment and foreign policy of the Chanel 4 favorable cultural environment analysis: the cultural level and improve the education of residents to some extent affected the people’s consumption concept, quality of life pursuit and enhance social recognition makes people more inclined to the pursuit of luxury, and change these concepts Chanel marketing of great help

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