replica chanel jewelry at breaking the traditional

Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel (Coco Chanel) was founded in 1913 in Paris, France, Chanel, Chanel range of products, to have friends wear, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, each product is known, especially her perfume and Fashion. Chanel (CHANEL) is a well-known brand 80 years of experience, Chanel Fashion has always elegant, simple, elegant style, she good at breaking the traditional, early 40 successfully “tied up” the ladies into the simple, comfortable It is perhaps the first modern casual friends. Another is called Chanel and American child star of “Chanel” in the name of the movie works.

Name: Coco Chanel Nationality: France Date of birth: August 19, 1883 Place of birth: France Saumur Death Date: 10 January 1971 death: Paris, France

Coco Chanel (August 19, 1883 – January 10, 1971), fashion designer.

Coco Chanel used to live in Paris where he created his own fashion.
In 1939, she turned off the boutiques, in 1954 began to re-open. Chanel is a perfectionist and idealist.

Coco Chanel – entrepreneurial experience
Blair opened millinery shop
▪ Chanel’s career from the “head” start from the beginning of millinery shop opened her extraordinary life. ▪ Chanel milliner simple, generous, especially in hard hat and a narrow margin of bell-shaped dome cap was welcomed by her friend and markets. ▪ 1910 during the last months, with the help of the insurance card, Chanel opened millinery shop in 巴黎坎 Peng Street on the 21st, after Kampen Street is famous for her for half a century. No one can expect, this petite woman how much influence will bring this era of life. ▪ 1912, the “fashion magazine” Chanel published in full length hat demonstration by young stars, so that the young and unknown cap business, Blair in Paris.

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